What I really eat


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.. I’ve started to keep a record of everything I eat to inspire me to be ever-conscious about what goes into my body, to look for holes, to inspire more research, to motivate me to get rid of unhealthy habits, and to become accountable to my choices.

  • I have been sick my entire life, so I am trying to eat for “cellular repair” and for “immunity re-building”. Since switching to the foods that I eat, I have started to feel really “healthy” for the first time… but I still have a way to go before I find “my” formula.
  • I eat “with the seasons”, so I eat what’s “in-season” in my “local” area (although truthfully, I have no idea where my grocer “sources” these foods, and I am pretty sure they are not organic)
  • I eat what’s appropriate to the current “climate”:
    ~ When it’s hot, I eat lots of fresh fruit, salads, juices, water, but much less veggies and I only eat meat once or twice a week.
    ~ When it’s cold, I eat more meat, soups and lots more vegetables, but barely any fruit and not as much salads. (so I intend to “move” to where there is a warm/hot climate year-round)
  • I eat a mostly ‘plant-based’ diet and mostly eat everything in it’s raw form – even my vegetables are generally not cooked (yes, I eat raw pumpkin, raw cauliflower, raw broccoli, raw capsicum, raw zucchini, etc. AND I LOVE IT), but sometimes I steam them. And in cold weather, most of my meals are cooked in some way (steaming, sometimes boiling, sometimes stir-frying). Basically I don’t like to overcook foods because I want to try and get the most “nutritional” benefits from my food, but I know that food “changes” in it’s cooked form, and sometimes you can get benefits from that as well. So I have to remind myself sometimes to at least heat some of the things I’m eating. (I’ll do a post in future about this)
  • My meat is cooked in a non-stick pan sometimes using butter or coconut oil. Other meals that are cooked are generally cooked with vegetable stock or miso-water. Meat is not the “main-dish”, meat is only the ‘side-dish’. Think asian-style.. small amounts.
  • I eat a lot of veggie burgers and salads (my “salad” is my “main dish” at every meal)
  • I eat fruit ‘alone’ (I don’t mix fruit with any other meal – except when juicing).. if I eat fruit, I avoid eating anything else for at least an hour or more.
  • I also eat “meat” last in a meal so that the fast-to-digest foods are eaten first (the salad first, then any vegetables, then the meat), and I never drink near meals or at meals – never. All of these things is to try and make sure that my digestive system is functioning optimally – that the right type of digestive juices are being produced for the right type of foods, and that I’m not “diluting” the digestive enzymes needed to digest my food.
  • I don’t drink cold water unless there is no other option. I drink water at room-temperature or warm. I don’t drink bottled water. My water filter is also at room temperature. I would also rather have fresh vegetable juices than water, but if that isn’t possible (due to my own laziness) then I will drink water with vitamin c powder and now MSM. And at night before bed I drink bicarb water but only for a few weeks at a time, then I break for a further few weeks.
  • I’m generally aiming for what I previously published in my “January reboot” guidelines, but I learn new things every single day, I’m ever-researching and using myself as a test-dummy.
  • I buy or try something “new” for my health every week, generally something on my “cure emphysema” page.
  • I intend to have my own vitamin-rich fresh food forest in my own back yard once I get my own place again (instead of eating toxic, commercial foods).
  • Everything is on my plate for a specific reason.. that means I’m consciously adding certain things to my plate because I know what benefit I will get out of it – whether it kills parasites, improves cellular function, lung-function, detoxing, immune-boosting, an energy boost, or whether it’s going to prevent something (cancer / mucus production, etc). There is always a ‘reason’ I’m adding something to my meals. Another benefit aside from making me “conscious” about food choices, is that it makes me feel “grateful” that I have access to this healing food. And that gratefulness not only makes the food taste better, but could also be changing both the cells within the food & possibly even my own cells (see this experiment.. it could change your life). I could also be adding something experimental (I like to “try” everything). And sometimes the reason I add something can be a very lame one like “I spent good money on it, and it’s not going to waste..” and I like to set an example for my nephews not to waste food too. Sometimes I buy something that I “think” is healthy, only to find out later that it’s not what I thought and probably not a necessary ‘regular’ item to have, in those cases, I’ll just ‘finish’ it and then not buy it again..(such is the case of the nutritional yeast, amino acids, etc. among other things in my life such as finishing my old expensive hair products or makeup that I use occasionally even though I have gone “chemical-free” for all my skin/body/hair products).. hmm but this post isn’t about everything I’m doing for health, just the current food I’m eating… so here’s some things that I “do not” eat:
  • I don’t eat bread and I avoid processed foods, although I don’t really care what I eat when I eat out or at someone’s house – but I do not do this very often (I’m a bit of a homebody). Bread is so rare in my diet. I never buy it, and it’s only if someone else buys it that it ends up anywhere near my plate.
  • I avoid pasta and have recently (from Dec 2013) started to avoid rice too. I also avoid grains & legumes as much as possible, but “deliberately” add a small (1/3 cup) amount to meals every now and then (chickpeas being my fave choice, oatmeal & homemade muesli too). If I feel a craving for something like rice, I’ll substitute with Chia Seeds or Quinoa. If I feel a craving for something like pasta, I’ll substitute with shaved veggies like Zucchini, with avocado, or I’ll add some parmesan.
  • I avoid sugar except for my raw brown tsp that I have in my coffees (might replace it with molasses when I run out of my current batch). My daily coffee consumption is generally the worst thing (diet-wise) that I am doing for my body and that is something I need to resolve. (Instant Coffee, Sugar, Milk)
  • Aside from the coffee, I avoid dairy products excepting that I deliberately “add” butter to any cooked meals to (hopefully) help with tooth re-mineralisation, and I have the occasional (once or twice a fortnight) Parmesan cheese shavings, for the health benefits and for the taste/flavour. I’ve also been known to consume yogurt by the bucket but I haven’t bought any in months and don’t intend to.
  • I don’t have a lot of money, so I’m frugal with ‘making-do with what I have’ and ‘minimalist‘ buying, as well as not liking to see food go to waste when there are so many millions in this world that would be grateful to have the healthy food that we have access to.
  • I do not trust supplements, so I’m ever-trying to figure out how to get the required vitamins & minerals from the food that I consume, knowing that sometimes I am having risky foods (like nuts) for the sake of nutrition (or other reason) rather than take the “risk” of contaminated & heavily-overpriced & possibly ineffective supplements. But I also realize that the nuts (and all our food) thesedays may not even contain the amount of nutrients that I’m “hoping” they still have, due to our degraded nutrient-deficient soil and where we now source our foods, as well as how old they are by the time I eat them, as well as all the contamination & pollution etc. So I “cave” sometimes and buy supplements, but I’m not really good at taking them because I have kinda brainwashed myself to resist them, so it’s a love-hate relationship, ever continuing to figure out how I can avoid them and just let mother nature do what she does best, but I think I’ll need my ‘food forest‘ first before I can be successful, and that I really should be showing some love to the supplements until that time.
  • I avoid supermarkets because it’s a danger-zone for me (I buy a lot of crap that not only can I not afford, but doesn’t do my body any favours either), so I have my weekly shop at the fresh fruit & veg grocer and “ban myself” from the supermarket. But I do go about once a month for the things you can’t get from a fruit & veg shop (toilet paper, balsamic vinegar, baby kale, frozen berries, frozen fish, etc.)

I think that about covers the basics lol.. oh, and I’m not perfect, and ever improving things as I can “afford” it and as I learn more, and I plan to be completely honest, even if I’m embarrassed about a bad choice that I make because that’s the best way to keep myself truly accountable and not “stick my head in the sand” about the poor choices that I need to correct. You shouldn’t eat what I eat.. I’m in a test-phase for all sorts of things, My gut-instinct tells me what we should be eating though: Locally-grown (or rather “home-grown and freshly-picked”), organic, nutrient-rich, in-season (to you) fresh foods. But we do the best we can with the resources we have & circumstances we are in :)