DIY Skin Cleansers from your Kitchen

Option #1: Baking Soda

  • Pinch Bicarb Baking Soda (not powder)
  • Small Glass of Filtered water
  • Splash or use a spray bottle to apply to face and rinse thoroughly

* Best done in shower rather than over the sink – although, alternatively you can use a face washer to dip into the solution and wipe gently over your face
* This is the most abrasive option on the list and should not be the “daily” routine. If you do not dilute the baking soda, your skin will be red raw, so please remember to dilute it well. Bicarb soda can clean so many things, including your skin & hair  – but I would never use it on my eyes.

Option #2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or Jojoba oil)
  • Apply directly to face
  • Leave for 2 minutes
  • Wipe face gently clean with warm face washer or cotton pad
  • (Option: add a few drops of witch-hazel to turn this into a great eye-makeup remover)

Option #3: Cucumber Juice

  • Do you juice with cucumbers? Do the cucumber first and save a bit of the mixture to use as a skin cleanser/toner/calmer

Option #4: Coconut Oil

  • Apply a small (teaspoon) of coconut oil to your face
  • Leave for 2 minutes
  • Rinse off
  • (Coconut oil also doubles as an eye-makeup remover)

If you have cut down on wearing makeup (like we all should) we should only need to wash our face once per week.

My fave option is the Coconut Oil.