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Your diet is the most important pillar that you must address if you truly want to achieve optimal health and longevity. No matter how much you exercise, address your stress levels, or get enough rest, if you’re eating processed fares instead of healthy wholesome meals, then you’re surely putting your wellbeing at great risk.

It’s time to ditch those processed foods… and swap them for fresh and wholesome choices.

Give these incredibly nutritious superfoods a try – whole foods that can provide you with a wide range of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that you simply cannot get from any dietary supplement.

Not only are these top food choices delicious, but they also certainly will not break your budget (especially if you grow them at home). It’s the most cost-effective way to get all the healthy nutrients you need.

In this free PDF provided by Dr Mercola, he explains the main superfoods and the lesser-known ones, how to grow your own food, and recipe ideas.

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