Write a list of all the things that you’re not willing to budge on, that you’re not willing to try right now.

And keep a separate list of all the things that you feel you could try right now or soon.


  • Healthy vegies
  • Eat raw, organic, locally-grown fruits & vegetables
  • Give up refined foods
  • Use Natural moisturizer (coconut oil, aloe)
  • Think Positively
  • Think healthy
  • Forgive the past


  • Perfume/Aftershave/Cologne
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Moisturizer
  • Deodorant
  • Fruit juice
  • Smoking
  • Coffee & Milk & Sugar

Here is a list of all the things you can do without a doctor to improve your health and boost your immunity. Move them into the appropriate columns below depending on your current mindset and circumstances:

TRY (CONFIDENTLY)            |           PERHAPS (not sure/ don’t know if I can)     |   NEVER (not going to happen, not willing)

Knowledge is power.

Now, all the things you have said you are willing to try – do it, implement it – don’t just have a todo list. Take action on the things that you can change today. What is one thing on that list, that you can start doing right now? Today?

Next, we have those things that you want to do, that you know will benefit you, but you are either fearful or unconfident in either your ability to or unwilling to accomplish it, or feel some other reason why it might be hard to do.

Why can someone else accomplish this, but you feel your circumstances are different? Why “can’t you’ have faith in these?

Sort them out and write down your belief in the following columns:

CAN’T DO THIS:            |         MY DOUBT/REASONING:                         |          ONE WORD describing problem:

Quit Smoking        |  Tried to quit many times, haven’t succeeded             |   MINDSET
Diet                      | I don’t have control over what I eat                            | OTHER PEOPLE
Mercury Fillings |   I can’t afford dentist work         | MONEY
MOULD  | I can’t afford mould removal | MONEY
RADIATION | I live in a toxic environment | MONEY

It is important that you understand what is causing your ill health and the obstacles in the way. It’s possible that it’s something you can’t change straight away because of circumstances that are outside of your control for the time-being.

With each of them now, right down exactly what you need to be able to move it to the “TRY” list. This gives you the starting ground “plants the seed” of what steps you need to take and in which order you can take them.

SMOKING | Change mindset, healthy habits, positive, plan
DIET | I can order a fresh raw juice daily to add more nutrients to my body
MERCURY | I can start saving up for mercury removal; in the meantime, I can do a liver/kidney/gallstone cleanse o remove the existing mercury from my system.

Next, we have the things you are not willing to do. What would need to happen/change in order for you to budge on that decision?

The most important thing about this list though is knowledge. At least you know what things you are doing to contribute to disease/ill health. Take responsibility for your own health and stop thinking of drugs/surgery as the quick, easy, solution.

You have the power to improve your health.

Everything you ingest affects your health in either a positive way or a negative way.

The Path to Health

Every decision you make, every thought you think, everything you ingest is either on the path to health or the path to disease.

Your job is to support your cells as much as possible through every decision you make.



Every little step you take on the path to health is a step away from disease.

You have control over so much. Just be mindful of each step and take the right one.

e.g. : Removing perfume is a step towards health

When you spritz perfume, you are spritzing chemicals onto your body’s largest organ, your skin, as well as ingesting it directly into your lungs.

What happens on a cellular level is the alarm bells go off, and the appropriate cells get to work on dealing with the contamination.

If you have lots of contaminants, the cells all over your body are busy trying to repair. Too much contaminants cause unhealthy cells which are unable to handle all the extra work.

So every decision you make to remove a toxin, is helping you, just as much as every decision you make to feed your cells with healthy nutrients is helping you.

The healthier your cells and the less work they have to do in “damage control” means that your body can be restored quickly and easily.