We have environmental factors such as radiation, toxins, chemicals, the air we breathe, dust, moulds.

We have parasites living in our organs

I’m not going to say you can cure any disease nor can I say anything that is considered medical advice, as I’m not a doctor, or even a nutritionist, just someone that takes a heavy interest in learning everything that I “don’t know”, I’m obsessed with truth and getting to the bottom of things that I don’t fully understand, I just have a thirst for knowledge.

I am, however, fully biased towards the healthy preventative way of life, rather than fixing things bandaid-style by waiting for a symptom and trying to numb/remove the symptom, because to me, it makes much more logically sense to prevent disease with a healthy lifestyle rather than wait to try and ‘cure’ something that might be much harder to cure than prevent.

There are steps than anyone can take to improve their health. And that progress, rather than perfection, is better than doing nothing at all. We don’t have to take on what all the experts say – in fact, we can’t – the health world is full of contradictions, misinformation and biased opinions and they all say different things.

But we can use the knowledge that we have from the hundreds of years of research, and figure out better ways of looking after ourselves as well as just become a lot more consciously aware of the negative and positive things we can do for our health.