This could be the shortest chapter or easily the longest chapter in the book.

The short version to Optimal Health & Vitality:

  1. Cut out all refined foods – anything processed, boxed, manufactured, “de-natured”
  2. Eat (raw or lightly cooked) only locally-grown, in-season, organic fruit, vegetables, grains, herbs & spices.
    Brush/washed thoroughly; or grow your own.
  3. No oil. Oil = Liquid fat. You don’t need any extra oil if you are eating healthily.
  4. Daily movement in the sun.
  5. No chemicals, toxins, mould, dust, additives to be ingested, breathed-in, or topically applied to your skin organ.
  6. Water: drink plenty of filtered water at room temperature.
  7. Meditation or quiet contemplation daily.
    Think healthy at a cellular-level, and never talk about your ailments.