Our bodies are so very resilient. They will adjust to years of abuse. The damage we do to our cells is hard work – it takes a lot of consistent, ongoing abuse to cause serious diseases.

It takes ignoring the symptoms: the aches; the pain; the rashes; the breathing difficulties; the fatigue; the stress; the depression.

Made easier to ignore with drugs like Aspirin and Ventolin and steroids and antibiotics and so on.

Covering up our symptoms helps us to ignore the problem and continue the damage…until the body can no longer function.

It takes a long time and a lot of abuse before our bodies show any symptoms and a lot more abuse to get chronic illnesses.

Therefore, it also takes a lot of time to hinder/inhibit/cure and repair the damage.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to find time for sickness

We look for quick-fix remedies because we get instant relief. We want the pain and inconvenience gone. We need to be well – now. Our bodies are amazing. All the automatic functions will do everything to survive and heal.

We can heal cuts and broken bones and even cell damage.

Cell damage can be stopped within days – weeks, but the healing process can take months and years dependent on what our brilliant but poor bodies had to do in order to survive.

We can watch in awe the things that we can physically see, such as a cut or graze or rash clearing up/healing. But we can’t see the extent of the damage or the healing process at a cellular level, so we don’t know just how close or far we are from hurting/healing.

We are so accustomed to instant gratification in this industrialized world, that many will try a natural remedy once or twice, not realizing that it is actually healing and then giving up before it has had a chance to heal.

Tried that, didn’t work for me.

The instant cure you/we seek, it doesn’t work that way.

Pills can numb our pain within minutes, but they don’t cure the underlying cause. They don’t stop the damage from progressing.

Only YOU have that power.

You have the power to stop doing / subjecting yourself to the many things that are causing the damage in the first place. You have the power to reverse the disease. That power – the cure and the cause is all within you.

And once you realize that it’s up to you, you are responsible to find out everything you can as to what is causing the damage and how to stop and reverse it.

I had excema – horrible, embarrassing and disgusting excema until I was 28 years old.

Chronic Asthma. Depression, Fatigue. Hatred. Emphysema.

All of these things had a cause. I was just too naive to know they did. I put my health in the hands of a medical professional instead of in my own hands, and because of that, I was prescribed antibiotics, steroids, creams, pills and inhalers. Noone ever told me that these things could be reversed – I was given a “bandaid” for a cut, something to ease the pain and subdue to the symptoms, but I continued to do damage to my body and none of those medications were for curing, they were all for controlling the symptoms. Unless I take my health in my own hands, and start making health-changes ‘away’ from the doctor, I’ll be paying for those prescriptions for life and my health will continue to deteriorate.

I spent a fortune on prescriptions and supplements. Died twice. Missed out on young love. My Self-esteem and confidence was affected. And they could’ve all been cured, stopped, reversed? Knowledge is your friend.

I came to realize that medical practitioners only provide temporary relief – the aspirin for your headache.

The “CAUSE” is still there and “slowly’ (because our bodies are awesome), our bodies make us sicker and sicker while trying to save us. It is very effective at giving us the warning signs and alarm bells. And WE are very effective at inhibiting those signs with drugs and band-aid fixes.

Feel the pain. The rash. The breathing problems.

Don’t mask it. Find the cause and eradicate it.

What is the cause?

More than half will be because of the Industrial Revolution:

  • Toxins, Chemicals, Radiation
  • Parasites
  • Refined foods, sugars, dairy, meat
  • Moulds
  • Fumes
  • Antibiotics
  • X-Rays

Pretty much “everything” to do with our modern conveniences comes at a price – our health.

It’s time to wake up and start reversing the damage.

  • Eat more Plants
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Natural
  • Eradication of Parasites
  • Cleanse our bodies, our organs, our cells


Arm yourself with knowledge

There is one very awesome thing about the Industrial Revolution; about modern life.

And that is KNOWLEDGE at our fingertips.

And plant foods haven’t been eradicated (yet) – there is simply no excuses.

Use medical professionals to help you diagnose, and to ease the pain while you get to work on arming yourself with knowledge, of which the entire world’s knowledge can be received by you, for free.

If you don’t have time to research the knowledge, find someone that has already done it – outsource it!

You can reach out for free to others with the same diagnosis or you can pay a health professional who keeps “up-to-date” on the latest research.

More than half of our cell damage is caused by diet alone. This is one thing you definitely have control over.

The world is at our fingertips. Ignorance is NOT your friend.

Eat Real, not Fake foods

Orange lollies, strawberry icecream, blueberry pies, apple juice.

Why do we manufacture fake flavours when we can easily and cheaply access “the real thing”?

Real oranges. Real strawberries. Real blueberries. Real apples.

A weekly shop to your local fruit and vegetable store will cost $27 for 4-5 BAGS of food – enough to fill up 1/2 a fridge.

An organic shop will set you back about  $40-$70.

Is that more or less than what you already spend?

Help your cells; they are calling out to you to stop what you are doing – they are asking, screaming, begging for your help.

Movement in the Sun

A little exercise – your body, your cells need oxygen to live and be healthy.

You need to breathe to live.

Take a walk- at the very minimum – take a daily ‘outside’ walk!

Vitamins D & K are essential for cell health.

The sun provides both for free.

10-30 mins in the sun daily.

Take a stroll. get out in the sun.

Cure yourself.


Eradicate Toxins & Parasites

Eradicate the toxins in all the environments that you can.

Do not spend one more night in a mould-infested house or car.

Clean out your body of all the disgusting parasites that are feeding on your blood, skin, organs, food, and cells.

Take back control of your body and give your cells and organs a fighting chance.


Say NO to Xrays.

Doctors and dentists are quick to send people for these dangerous and risky tests to protect their own asses from litigation.

In modern society – they have to. Or they risk malpractice lawsuits.

And we, being totally naive to the dangers, not only allow them – but generally insist on it or we think they don’t care / not listening / incompetent if they don’t send us in to get an xray or give us antibiotics.

We are a brainwashed society.

It’s time to take back control, to have power over our own health. To stop looking for a wonder-pill that will allow us to indulge in laziness and convenience.


Give up Dairy

Give up dairy. We were never built for cow’s milk. We wouldn’t suck on a cow teet, would’ve even put our babies under there.

There is no logic at all to drinking milk from another species – none.

It’s actually pretty gross if you think about it.

And if you saw what we were actually drinking these days (not the old farmer’s days) but these days – “modern society”. The commercial industry.



Eat more Plant-Based Foods

Give a child a bunny rabbit, pig, cow, lamb, chicken and an apple. If the child kills and eats any of the animals and “plays” with the apple, let me know.

Our instincts were never to kill and eat meat. It is a learned behaviour, and not at all essential for our bodies.

A plant-based diet with sun & oxygen is all we need for health and vitality.

We can survive on it, our bodies will adapt and allow you to consume many things that are not naturally inclined for our bodies – but that doesn’t make us healthy. We can eat paper and still live – but that doesn’t mean we should eat it or that it’s giving us any benefits.

People can survive on “just rice”, “just corn”, “just bananas” – for years. Just as we do for meat. Our bodies are awesome. But, so many diseases are caused by meat, dairy and “fake food”; and the alternative is so nutritious and delicious that why wouldn’t you choose the vitality and health of your cells over the 2nd-rate alternative.

We are clogging up our vital organs with stuff that our bodies are not meant to consume.

Our fake-food obsession has addicted us and brainwashed us into thinking we are doing the right thing.

Young kids getting their main source of food from a cardboard box or plastic wrapper and not even knowing what real food is.

They know only what we teach them. If there were only fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from – that’s what they would eat.

Kids starving in other countries don’t know about packaged foods. They get truly excited and hunger at a piece of rice, a date, a piece of magical, delicious fruit. Fresh vegetables are a luxury item that many will never see in their lifetime.

We – we are not starving.

We have the luxury of being spoilt.

We have hundreds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Within minutes of where we live.

We have the luxury of being able to grow our own health-giving, life-giving, vitality-giving food.

What could be more convenient in the modern world than going outside and picking your own lunch?

We are so lucky. So rich. So fortunate.

And SO dumb. So backwards. So naive. So ignorant.

Too brainwashed to realize what we have. Too “marketed” to by commercials who promise us convenience without mentioning the fine-print.

The poisons, the toxins and chemicals, the cell damage that consuming their products are doing to us.

Instead of getting smarter with all the world’s research at our fingertips, we are getting lazy, stubborn, and a heck of a lot dumber.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that smoking calms us – instead of actually being the cause of our stress.

brainwashed into thinking canned food and packets and boxes are healthy for us.

Brainwashed by “low-fat” “no-fat” labels.

Brainwashed by naming products “organic” and “natural”.

We are sheep. We are monkeys.

What we see another doing, must be ok for us.

That childhood warning of “you wouldn’t jump off a cliff just because your friend does would you?” – THAT IS US!

That’s modern society at its finest. One-by-one, millions by millions jumping off the cliff and killing ourselves just because others are doing it.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Wish you’d taken the blue pill? Me too – because ignorance really is bliss.

But if you stop reading now, you’ll miss the best bit.


What we believe has a direct and significant, in fact, crucial deciding factor on the results we get.

If you believe that your ailment can be cured – it will.

If you believe it can’t be cured – it won’t.

Yes. Your mindset. Your limiting beliefs have a direct impact into the health of your cells.

Of the study of 250 cancer patients (who survived), they all had different treatments, diet, alternative therapies, chemotherapy, colon cleanings, supplements, drugs, families, church, prayers, affirmations, and so on. The one thing they all had in common?
No matter which treatment they were given – they all believed that their treatment of choice would cure them.

If you have any doubts/negative thinking about your treatment, no matter what it is, your path to wellness will either take a lot longer “a miracle”, or will end in death.

The best thing you can do for any cancer friend or relative, is to believe in their treatment and help them to do so, not be “that person who is feeling sorry for them “, or that person who is “coming to them with reasons why their choice will not work”. You can give them/help provide the tools to get more knowledge on their own, but ultimately, they need to believe in their own treatment to survive. So if you care about them – don’t sabotage their chances with doubt, negativity,or sorrow. Help them realize health, positively, optimism, help them realize their goals.

Help them. Manifest health by believing in their ability to heal.

“I can’t” is so powerful. The subconscious which drives your body/cells self-healing might just believe you.

Your wish, is my command.