Health Introduction

We are what we eat, think, breathe, and touch.


 We are made of 100% cells

Every disease or illness we have is because our cells are sick. Heart = heart cells, Brain = brain cells, Lung = lung cells, etc. We are made of 100% cells. We started out as nothing but a single cell and we multiplied from there. We must make it our #1 priority to take care of our cells – all of our cells. If we want to be healthy or restore health to our damaged bodies, we must make it a priority to learn all we can about our health; in particular, our cell health.

Cell health is beneficial – no matter what your beliefs

Even if you differ in my belief so far (that all diseases can be defined as ‘damaged cells’), you would have no recourse than to agree that regardless of any stage of disease and any ailment you or a loved one has, our bodies can always benefit from a healthier liver, kidney, heart, lung, bowel, intestinal, immune system, respiratory system, blood, etc. My point being that if, for whatever reason, you don’t want to think about or believe that your disease is caused by ‘damaged cells’, that repairing & restoring your cells will still help your healing process, therefore – restoring cell level health should still be the highest priority, no matter what stage you are at in your beliefs.

How do our cells get damaged?

Cells get damaged primarily for 2 major reasons: Toxicity and Deficiency.

We are either breathing/eating/thinking/touching toxins and poisoning our body &/or we are robbing our cells of the required nutrients for it to keep us healthy.

How can we restore our cells?

  1. Remove toxins from our breathe, minds, skin, and organs
  2. Feed our cells with nutrient-rich, enzyme-rich foods


The short version to Automatic Health and Vitality:

  1. Cut out all refined foods – anything processed, boxed, manufactured, anything that has been “de” natured in any way shape or form.
  2. Eating a mostly plant-based diet (preferably raw or lightly cooked) locally-grown (or grow your own), in-season, organic fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, herbs & spices. Brushed & washed thoroughly.
  3. No Oil. Train your mind to see all oil as “liquid fat” as “cell poison”. You don’t need any ‘extra’ oil if you are eating healthy.
  4. Daily movement (for oxygen absorption & cell regeneration).
  5. No chemicals, toxins, mould, dust, additives to be ingested, breathed-in, or topically applied to our skin organ.
  6. Hydration – water, herbal teas or freshly-squeezed organic juices. Drink plenty at room temperature.
  7. Meditation or quiet contemplation – daily. Think ‘healthy’ at a cellular-level, and never talk about ailments or negative/stressful poisonous thoughts.



This “diet” or any “diet” mentioned in this book is not for weight-loss, not for weight-gain, nothing to do with the modern “cosmetically/beautifying problems” of this modern world. Beautiful skin, hair and normal weight (weight loss or gain) will be a naturally acquired result from the “normality” of cell restoration. When your cells are healthy, you will gain vitality, and beauty naturally.

I suggest now you take the next 30 mins, to do the following exercise. It will make you consciously aware of things that you can do to improve your health & vitality. You can start from where you are, choosing any 1 step, will improve your health by 1 step.

Wrong thinking causes toxins? Miraculously and dangerously, we have the ability to cause toxins at a cellular level with poisonous thoughts – negative thinking, stress, fear and worry will cause CELL LEVEL changes to our bodies.