I am writing this book as a guidebook for myself. Having gone through trauma, depression and disease all my life, I have been continually attracted to healing and mindset at various stages throughout my life, as well as totally turned my back on the things I’ve learned at other stages and lived the consequences of a poor mindset. It is with wisdom and optimism that has got me through many of my past challenges, and it is with belief in my own healing that has sent me on a journey to extract the knowledge needed to design the life of my dreams.


This book is my personal blueprint to heal myself and move forward to achieving optimal health & vitality, happiness, success, and love. I have been reading and practicing various techniques for decades, but it is only after my recent bout of severe depression, poverty and disease that I was able to lift the black cloud and turn my life around. This step-by-step guide was written to empower myself to creating the ultimate plan that I can follow, to combine all of the lessons and tools that I have learnt so far into a guidebook for an optimal life.


We all have a totally unique outlook on the world around us, based on our life experiences, who we grew-up with, our life-long conversations with other people with totally different outlooks, books we have read, seminars we have attended, and various obstacles we have had to overcome.  It is my hope that my personal view and experience, the nuggets of wisdom I have understood over the years, coupled with my focused research on healing & mindset, that based on my own unique outlook, that I can collate what I have learned in a way where others can understand, and not only help myself and the people I love, but also help others in need of this knowledge; to save others having to read and apply over 1,000 books of wisdom and life’s obstacles to get to the same conclusion.


There are many books that say the ‘same thing’, and yet, even after we hear the message over and over again – we might not ‘understand’ it enough to apply it to our unique circumstances until someone says the same thing, in a different way – a way that reaches out to us. This has happened to me over and over again, and once I ‘got it’, I was able to read the books with a different, and more helpful & joyful perspective because I could really see that they were saying the same thing; just it didn’t mean much to me until I ‘got it’, and understood how to apply it. This is why I feel like I must publish this book, even though I might not be seen as an ‘expert’ in the eyes of the world, my unique insight and understanding of these messages might be exactly what someone out there needs, to ‘get it’ too, to finally understand what thousands of people have been trying to tell us for centuries.


It is my wish that this book become my legacy that I leave on the world, that it be my gift to those that I love and those in need of the knowledge within these pages to heal their own life.