There are basically two types of patients. One type want their doctor to make the best decision concerning their health, and are not interested in doing their own research. The second group of patients like to make their own informed decision based on data supplied by their doctor as well as all available research. They are willing to learn, study, discern, and to make decisions about their available health treatments. People with the most success in beating disease are those that are the most involved in finding ways to get healthy – working with their doctor, they learn, ask questions, and take control and responsibility for their own body. The latter is the category I fall into and if you do too, then you should also enjoy this site.

Penny ButlerMy name is Penny Butler. I started the site over a decade ago and recently let the hosting lapse by accident and have had to start again. This is a blessing, not a curse. Even though over 12,000 articles have been deleted, the information was aged, out-dated and difficult to navigate. Starting from scratch means that I can add just the things that I feel are truly useful and relevant, and I’m quite excited about the new journey ahead.

The new site is a journey of health restoration from a cellular level. I have been studying how to restore my body for years, and have also spent the past 6 months deeply researching health on a cellular level to try and discover the truth, and restore my own health.



This site is a compilation of my own opinions. It’s not advice; it’s information I’ve discovered that you can take or leave as you please. The information on this site should not replace medical consultation or treatment.